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New Harmony Gallery
Gallery Director, Maggie Rapp

Hours: Thursday-Sunday, 1-4 pm.  


2014 First Brush of Spring

2014 10th Annual Field to Finish Award Winners
in alphabetical order:

Tricia Hillenburg, Bedford, IN:  Award for pair:  “Old Glory “ I & II, both oil
Corrine Hull, Indianapolis, IN:  Award for pair:  “Springtime in New Harmony (Study)”
and “Springtime in New Harmony”, both pastels
Loretta Robinson, Martinsville, IN: Award for final:  “Iris’s Galore II”, pastel
Lawrence Rudolech, Hanover, IN:  Award for pair; “Study”, pastel & “Morning Mist”, oil
Carol Strock-Wasson, Union City, IN:  Award for pair: “Field Sketch”, pencil
& “Dance of Spring”, pastel
Honorable Mentions to:
Roy Boswell, Franklin, IN: final, “Wabash Nights”, oil
Gordon France, La Grange, IL: field study, “Untitled”, oil
Jacqueline France, La Grange, IL:  final,
“Sun in the Yard of the Green House”, oil
Daryl Urig, Harrison, OH: field study, “Banjo Jam Study”, oil
Maggie Rapp, New Harmony, IN:  pair, “Barn Studies”, pen & ink w W/C;
“Barn in Harmony”, oil

Jurors:  Carolyn Anderson, Scott Christensen, C.W. Mundy,
Quang Ho, and Laura Robb

The power of the “SUGGESTIVE” is much better than the

Thelme Frame, Best of Show Winner

2014 Quick Draw winners


2014 First Brush of Spring Award Winners

Best in Show, John and Sarah Lechleiter
Awarded to:
Thelma Frame, "New Harmony Gate"

1st Place, Dr. George and Peggy Rapp
Awarded to:
Troy Kilgore, "New Harmony Light"

2nd Place, Richmond Art Museum
Awarded to:
Jeanne McLeish, "April Shadows"

3rd Place, IHA
Awarded to:
Roy Boswell, "Cedars above New Harmony"

Oil Award of Merit, Hoosier Salon
Awarded to:
Tom Woodson, "The Artist's House"

Pastel Award of Merit , Indiana Artists' Club
Awarded to:
Virginia Kramer, "A Day of Rest"

Watercolor Award of Merit, Jim and Sally Toschlog
Awarded to:
Jim Cantrell, "Before the Storm"

Merit Awards
Waycross Retreat Center,  Spencer Meagher, "Late Afternoon Light"
Richard McKnight, Jeff Klinker, "Over the Wabash"
Bob & Carol Eberle, John Lasater, "Colorful Flood"
Dr George and Mrs. Peggy Rapp, Thomas Buchs, "Behind the Labryinth"
Dr George and Mrs. Peggy Rapp, Heinryk Ptanewicz , "Where's Russell?"
IPAPA , Wyatt LeGrand, "New Harmony Reflected"
IPAPA, Valtcho Tonov, "Classic New Harmony"
IPAPA, Gwen Gutwein, "The Cattle of Wolf Hill"

Honorable Mentions
Carol Cammack, "Shadow Interest"
Mark VanderVinne, "Soft Morn"
Tricia Hillenburg, "Wabash Flood Water"
Gordon France, "Main Street"
Corrine Hull, "Forsythia"
Kathy Blankenheim, "Tillich Sanctuary"
Jerry Smith        
Julie Wiegand   
1st Place:  Ron & Dottie Mack , Julie McCullough, "Finally Spring"
2nd Place:  Ron & Dottie Mack, James Burge, "Flooded Wabash"
3rd Place:  Ron & Dottie Mack, Sue Bemis Open Roof Magnolia
Student Awards                                              
Melanie & Bill Wissel                                     
Age 12 - 18                                         
1st Place:    Mercedes Wacken         
2nd Place:    Shelbey Cloer   
3rd Place:    Shyann Zwiefka               

Honorable Mentions                       
Marcey Montgomery    
Haley Biggs        
Darby Bays         
Erica Tidwell      
Valeriya Ivanova              
Under 12                                            
1st Place: Faith Peterlin    
2nd Place: Lester Zairion    
3rd Place: Martin Ellason  
Thursday Night Quick Draw Winners                                              
Roy Boswell       
Wyatt LeGrand
Mark VanderVinne        
David Seward   

Honorable Mentions                                       
Jeff Klinker        
Ryan Lee             
Lesley Haflich
Randall Scott Harden